4 Ways to Customize Your Mommy Makeover

October 13, 2023
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Having children is one of the big joys of many women’s lives. While it’s wonderful to raise a beautiful family, it’s natural to experience various changes in your body with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Fortunately, you have many options to boost your confidence and make you feel great in your own body again with plastic surgery. If you want to reclaim or even improve upon your pre-pregnancy body, look no further than a mommy makeover. Most frequently, the mommy makeover combines a breast rejuvenation procedure with a tummy tuck, however other combinations are possible as discussed below.

These are four ways to customize your surgery.

Tummy Tuck +/- Liposuction

A cornerstone of the majority of mommy makeover procedures are transformative in terms of appearance, self-esteem and even function. A tummy tuck is a powerful procedure for eliminating loose skin and stretch marks on the front of the abdomen.  It can also potentially repair separated abdominal muscles correcting poor tone/posture, poor core strength and even eliminate lower back pain! If you also have stubborn fat in the anterior abdomen, waist or flanks, simultaneous liposuction will target these areas to thin and define the selected zones, maximizing your result from the procedure.

Breast Lift with Reduction

If you have gone up a few cup sizes, or have always been heavier breasted, a breast lift with reduction might be the answer.  This procedure aims to lift and shape the breast improving body proportion and potentially alleviating symptoms. The amount of breast tissue removed can be as little as 100 grams or more than 1kg depending on the individual circumstances.  The breast tissue removed is always taken from the lower (saggier) part of the breast helping to reduce and prevent recurrent droopiness whilst sparing the volume in the higher part of the breast.  This procedure is readily combined with some of the procedures discussed to create a custom mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation +/- Breast Lift

Perhaps breast feeding or pregnancy has left your breasts looking deflated, or you’ve always desired a larger volume breast.  Breast augmentation can reverse pregnancy induced changes to create a perky, youthful and voluminous breast.  If, however, your breasts need more volume and a lift, breast augmentation in combination with a lift is one our specialties at Pacific Plastic Surgery for which Dr. Tregaskiss is widely regarded for his expertise and execution.

Arm Lift/Thigh Lift

If you have gained excess fat and/or loose skin in your upper arms or thighs during your pregnancies, you may want to have an arm lift or thigh lift incorporated into your mommy makeover. These procedures combine liposuction and skin removal to permanently eliminate stubborn fat and loose skin creating slender, cylindrical thighs and upper arms that readily fit into clothing choices that were formerly unworkable!

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If you are in the Vancouver, Canada area and want to experience the empowering benefits of a mommy makeover, contact Pacific Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ashley Tregaskiss can help you customize your mommy makeover to include the most effective procedures for restoring your confidence.