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Finance Options 

At Pacific Plastic Surgery we work with two well-established and reputable finance companies, Beautifi and iFinance to seamlessly fund cosmetic procedures.  For more details about financing with our preferred partner, Beautifi please read on. 

About Beautifi

Beautifi offers flexible plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure loans ranging from $1,000 to $25,000+. With Beautifi Financing you can make affordable monthly payments with industry-leading interest rates. Financing with Beautifi can last between six months to six years, depending on your budget. Beautifi requires initial money down and has no prepayment penalties. With Beautifi you can finance your entire procedure or a portion of it. All loans are open and can be paid off early with no additional fees.

How to Apply for Beautifi

Applying for Beautifi Financing is quick and easy. In less than three minutes you can apply without any impact on your credit score. See results instantly to see if you qualify for Beautifi Financing today.


Apply Online

Apply online by clicking this link or scanning the QR code.

Get Approved

After your approval, you will receive a phone call from a Beautifi Specialist to confirm all of your loan details.

Prepare For Your Procedure

After approval, Beautifi will pay your medical professionals at Pacific Plastic Surgery directly and you can prepare for your surgery.

Pay Monthly

After your procedure, you will need to make your monthly Beautifi payments.

Apply Today

Receive the medical or cosmetic procedure that you have been wishing for and make monthly payments as you go. Beautifi helps you affordably receive the care and changes that you desire and deserve. Apply today by scanning the QR code and find the right monthly plan for your budget.



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