General Questions

  • 1   1 What was Dr. Tregaskiss’s training?

    Tregaskiss undertook a 5-year plastic surgery residency training in Bristol, England. This was followed by 2 years of international fellowship training in Australia and Canada focusing on breast, facial and aesthetic surgery. He has been practising plastic surgery since 2005.

  • 2   2 What organizations does a plastic surgeon belong to?

    Tregaskiss is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and is a Member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

  • 3   3 How long is the wait for a consultation?

    Typically the wait for a consultation is around 3-4 weeks.

  • 4   4 How long is the wait for surgery after my consultation?

    On average the wait for surgery is 2-4 months after your consultation.

  • 5   5 Will I need to stay overnight after surgery?

    The vast majority of surgeries are performed as day cases and do not require an overnight stay.

  • 6   6 What are my anesthesia options?

    Most cases are performed under a general anesthesia, however some smaller and less complex cases can be performed with local anesthesia. Dr. Tregaskiss can discuss your suitability for these options during your consultation.

  • 7   7 What if I am not happy with the results of my surgery?

    Plastic surgery is not an exact science and in certain circumstances the results from surgery can fall short of both patient and surgeon expectations. A surgeon can control many, but not all of the factors determining the final result. Unfortunately, uncontrollable biological factors such as swelling, bruising, skin stretch etc. can vary significantly between individuals (and in the same individual from one side of the body to another) and on occasion lead to an unfavourable result.
    In the unusual event of this happening, a reasonable period of time (typically 3-6 months) is allowed to pass to allow things to completely settle.Waiting 3-6 months often leads to spontaneous resolution of many issues. If it does not, rarely, revision surgery is indicated.