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I had liposuction of the lower abdomen and flanks. My whole experience from consultation to post-op was excellent. Dr. Tregaskiss is knowledgeable and answered all my concerns and questions. I am very happy with the results and feel more confident in my clothes.

Nothing but fantastic things to say about Dr. Ashley Tregaskiss, Anna Hutfield and the whole experience with liposuction & thighplasty. So happy with my results at the 1 month mark and can’t wait for the 3 month mark for all the numbness & swelling to be gone. Really really happy.

Dr. Tregaskiss is one of the most professional and caring surgeon I’ve ever met! Also he has the most sweetest Staff Anna, that made my surgery super smooth and great experience. 6 weeks ago had my liposuction on my abdomen and my sides. As I’m healing I’m seeing amazing results I’m getting that hour glass shape I dreamt about and it’s all because of Dr. T! I will 100% recommend him and can’t wait to see my final 6month mark results ❤️

There are no words to describe how unbelievably happy I am with my experience with Dr. Tregaskiss and his entire team! I came from quite far away and they did everything to accommodate me, right from ensuring my consultation, surgery and post op appt was in within one trip. I went there to have my previous 450cc implants removed as they dropped a lot over the last 11 years. I wanted a larger, higher and fuller look. We had planned for a lift as well but in the end, I did not need one. Dr. Tregaskiss gave me everything I wanted with 545cc, high profile gel implants. I am so very happy with the results! He was extremely kind and professional and he walked me through everything he was going to do. It was an amazing experience!!! Thank you so very much.

Had breast reduction in October 2018 with Dr. Tregaskiss and his team. From the first introduction found the whole team to be professional, knowledgeable, and at the same time the experience was easy & comfortable. I particularly am grateful for Mai, the office medical assistant who answered my many questions and followed up in a timely manner. My successful breast reduction has had an immediate benefit & impact on my life. Thank you Dr. Tregakiss & team, I would highly recommend to anyone!

Such a positive experience with Dr. Tregaskiss and Anna! Anna answered all of my questions via Dr. T after my consult and checked in me frequently after surgery. Dr. Tregaskiss listened to all of my concerns and gave me exactly what I wanted. I’m so grateful to them!

I had my reduction November 2018 & was able to take a short notice cancellation. I have been extremely impressed with the results although at less than 8 weeks post op I am still healing. Dr Tregaskiss was professional, competent, easy to talk to & very reassuring before the procedure and I felt in very safe hands. I am having a little issue at the moment with a skin split/stretch mark? on my breast but I have contacted the office tonight & left a message and I expect he will contact me to follow up. His receptionist has also been outstandingly helpful any time I have needed her and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Tregaskiss if you are contemplating a life changing reduction.

I have been reading reviews for surgeons and speaking with their front line staff for the past year trying to decide who to move forward with. Based on discussions with the team as well as online reviews and before & after photos I decided to move forward with Dr. Tregaskiss. I had my final consult and he is very professional and easy to communicate with. I trust his professional opinion on the size and type of implants that will give me the ultimate look I am hoping for. My surgery date is next month, am having a lift and implants. Look forward to updating my review at that time but so far my experience with Anna, Trisha and Dr Tregaskiss has been outstanding!

I have seen Dr Tregaskiss for minor reconstructive surgery and for carpal tunnel issues. He is a very competent surgeon and has an excellent bedside manner. Top marks for him and his staff.

He is an absolutely fantastic surgeon I highly recommend him to anyone. The nurses, anesthesiologist and Ashely himself were so friendly and made sure I was 100% comfortable before and after surgery. I'm extremely pleased with my results.

I felt comfortable with Doctor Tregaskiss the moment he stepped into the room. I told him my concerns, and he had the prefect solutions for me. Mai is wonderful and really organized. All of the nurses and the anesthesiologist at Yes were so friendly and sweet they calmed my nerves before and after my surgery. I'm less then 2 weeks post op. But I love what I see and my experience was fantastic. Dr T and Mai make a great pre op team everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. Was a great experience. ♥️

I first met Dr. Tragaskiss April 2017 when I had an encounter with necrotizing fasciitis. His skillful hand helped treat this horrible incident. Dr.Tregaskiss is a skillful, caring, charismatic, and honest surgeon that I highly recommend. I get complimented frequently on the esthetics of my graft, as it's a functional work of art. The best part of Tragaskiss is the high level of customer experience he offers. He's an elephant when it comes to memory, and everytime I've visited he's always cheerful and delightful. What an outstanding doctor and person!

Went to see Dr.Tregaskiss for a second opinion in getting a breast augmentation. Immediately after the consult I️ knew this was the doctor for me. I️ got 345CC giving me the perfect result. I’m still recovering but thrilled with the overall result.

On December 15, 2017 I met Dr. Tregaskiss at UBC hospital and had my breast reduction surgery done. In two hours I went from a 38HH to a 38DD. The impact on my day to day living has been nothing short of life changing! I wanted to share my amazing experience with Dr. Tregaskiss and his team, in the hopes it will help others considering his professional services.
Originally referred to a surgeon who was dismissive and abrupt, I felt I couldn’t put my life in her hands. I needed the right surgeon whom I could wholeheartedly trust to perform this delicate procedure. From the first consultation with Dr. Tregaskiss I knew he was the one to do my surgery. He asked me why it was important and what I hoped to gain from the reduction. I was tired of being tired. My breasts were weighing me down in more ways than one. I wanted to want to get fit again and be energized to do more with my family. It was time to put me first for a change so I could be motivated to participate more in life.
We discussed the procedure in detail answering my questions fully. Although only 5’1 ½” tall, I have always been curvaceous so did not want to end up without any. He understood and wouldn’t promise me a specific breast size but a surgical result that was proportionate to the size of my body. The main reduction procedure would be covered by MSP and I opted to pay for additional liposuction to remove side breast tissue at the same time. Finally I felt safe with my surgeon, prepared and ready to proceed.
I just reviewed my before and after photos again and am stunned with the difference – my breasts look fantastic! Proof positive it was a great decision with a huge impact! After the reduction I can see my waist, have more spring in my step, have lost 16 pounds and am energized again. I tell all of my friends looking for an expert and compassionate surgeon, to call Dr. Tregaskiss. He is kind, thorough and extremely skilled. Even though I was recovering over the holiday break Dr. Tregaskiss took the time to promptly respond to questions and reassure me that the healing was going according to plan. He is the consummate professional and is genuinely focussed on providing the best pre and post-surgical care possible with stellar results. Dr. T is an excellent surgeon who takes great pride in his craft and supporting his patients. Also thanks to Mai, his medical receptionist who is extremely organized and clearly communicated with me throughout the process to make it all run smoothly. I cannot recommend Dr. T and his team highly enough!

I had a breast reduction surgery in November 2017 with Dr. Tregaskiss and I am absolutely thrilled with the life changing results. He was absolutely incredible throughout the whole process, always explaining everything in the finest detail when I requested it! I have been referring people to him non-stop ever since. I had a friend do the same surgery a few days prior to me with a different surgeon and our recovery and results have been completed different, with mine being absolutely flawless. I've had a sales associate in a specialty lingerie store referring numerous customers to Dr. Tregaskiss after she saw the before and after results! Literally she said, "I see breasts every day that I am at work and I have never seen a more beautiful job", she literally had a job dropping reaction! I will send anyone needing any plastic surgery to him! I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for him. The nurses in the pre/post op areas also commented on how great he is! They were right!!

Dr T was excellent in his care. He tool all the time to answer my questions during the consultation. I never felt rushed or pressured. He really listened to what I wanted for breast augmentation and I was completely satisfied with the result. I felt confident in his expertise.

I am very exceedingly happy with the results and the procedure with Dr. Tregaskiss. I had a breast augmentation procedure with him and found both his demeanor both highly educating as well as relaxing. Putting me off guard and more relaxed, in a state of trust. Which is ideal before any type of surgical procedure. The office, the staff and systems of booking left no room for error and held the maximum amount of comfort for all of my needs and fears. He himself also personally was accessible to me during my healing process which meant such a significant benefit to me I cannot describe if ever your body is requiring slightly more care. That being said my physical results are an 11/10 and I would highly recommend him and his practice.

Dr. Tregaskiss was great with explaining and noting details about the benefit for rhinoplasty procedure after my bike accident, which convinced me to do it. Today, I am really happy about the surgery results with me being able to breath again using both my nostrils as well as gaining an aesthetic enhancement that has been already complemented by my friends and family. My bruises were gone after two weeks and I imagined the procedure to be more painful but luckily I was wrong. I think Dr. Tregaskiss did an amazing job, and he is a very talented plastic surgeon. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tregaskiss to anyone who is looking to have rhinoplasty done!

My breast reduction went smoothly. I got on a wait list and my surgery happened within 8 months after initial consultation.

My daughter recently underwent a unilateral breast reduction with Dr. Tregaskiss. He listened, was very informative, made her feel comfortable and calmed her fears. The results are incredible, almost perfect symmetry and volume between the two breasts. This surgery has given her great confidence and erased years of anxiety, she cried with joy after seeing the results for the first time. His secretary was so helpful and promptly replied to all calls/emails. He is a very skilled surgeon, has a great bedside manner and we highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Tregaskiss for giving my daughter a positive body image once again.

Dr. Tregaskiss performed gynecomastia excision surgery on both sides of my chest. This was something I had dealt with for close to 9 years. When I finally decided to do something about it I was referred to Dr. Tregaskiss. From the time of my consultation to the operation was less than a year, far less time than I was expecting. His assistant and himself are some of the friendliest and most helpful professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting. This operation has relieved much discomfort and restored a lot of confidence in myself. I'm very happy I was referred to Dr. Tregaskiss and would recommend him to anyone and everyone in need of his expertise.

Dr Tregaskiss performed a one sided breast reduction and liposuction on both my ribcage walls, as one of my breasts was significantly bigger than the other. The time from the consultation to the surgery was less than one year, and making the appointments with his assistant was very easy, as his team is just wonderful. He did an outstanding job and I am more than happy with the results. The scars are minimal and the incisions are small and precise. As it was my first surgery he made me feel very well taken care of and was sure to inform me to the best of his ability, all the procedures he would be performing. I would highly recommend Dr Tregaskiss, and am so very happy I found him!

Ashley was amazing right from the start, very knowledgeable, very friendly. I’m happy with everything he has done for me and would recommend to anyone. Thanks again!

Dr Tregaskiss took out a ganglion cyst in my finger, did a fantastic job, very professional, friendly and helpful

Dr. Tregaskiss performed my Diep breast reconstruction surgery after I lost my left breast to cancer. I waited less than one year from the time of the first consultation to get the surgery. Many other surgeons who perform Diep have a 5-year waiting list. He is an amazing surgeon and has changed my life in such a positive way, making me feel normal again and happy with my body. He has excellent skills and a wonderful bedside manner. Diep is a major surgery but I felt confident with Dr. Tregaskiss and supported by him and his staff throughout the procedures and follow up appointments. The results far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him to any woman considering Diep surgery.

Due to an bad accident, my husband has undergone several facial reconstruction surgeries as well as several on his right arm an hand. We cannot say enough about Dr. Tregaskiss. He is a true professional and wonderful and kind. He pays attention to detail and we love the results!

Professional yet very personable. Dr. Tregaskiss has always been there for me reconstructing my face and right arm after a serious accident.

Excellent staff complimented with an excellent doctor. I was told I'd have a year wait for a breast reduction surgery, but it was actually only 5 months. I had a reaction to the painkillers during my recovery and Dr. Tregaskiss actually called me while he was on vacation. Very caring, and knowledgeable doctor that made me feel very comfortable and at ease. His staff is fantastic too and make you feel like they care!

The best and most knowledgeable doctor I met so far in Vancouver. I spent in hospital weeks and months with wrong diagnosis and useless antibiotics until was referred to Dr Tregaskiss. Attention to details, punctuality, and care to patients! Thank you, God bless you!

My daughter was given a referral to Dr. Tregaskiss for her breast reduction. We waited a mere two weeks for his appointment which is unheard of and at instant he made both of us feel very comfortable. He is relatively young but extremely professional and his explanation of the procedure and any complications that may occur was understandable and he patiently answered all of our questions. He was calm and gave us all the time we needed. We did not feel rushed which I find to be an issue with some doctors in general. My daughter recently had her surgery and although she is still recovering and in bandages, the experience in the hospital was wonderful. Dr. Tregaskiss performed the surgery along side with his team and treated us with respect and kindness. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tregaskiss to anyone in need of this type of surgery, I really found him to be an excellent Doctor.

After a number of issues related to my breast augmentation over an 8 year span; I was contemplating having them removed. Finding information on this topic was far too difficult in my opinion, in comparison to the onslaught of implant marketing, with relatively little discussion on explanting. Nevertheless, I persevered and was recommended to Dr. Lennox with a 1 year waiting list. I could not wait that long and so his secretary referred me to Dr. Tregaskiss with less than a month to book my initial consultation. Although I did not find any information on him and despite the fact that he was relatively young for a surgeon I decided to trust my procedure into his capable hands. And that was mainly due to the fact that he was extremely patient in the first two visits as we reviewed my options and actually took the time to ask the most important question, why? Once he knew my motivations for the implants and my hopes for the final results we were able to come to a solution which my previous 'well respected' surgeon had not even considered. Furthermore, he was extremely courteous and human throughout my encounters with him. Dr. Tregaskiss performed an explant with fat grafting for me recently and albeit too early to see the absolute final results, I would not hesitate to recommend him. I suspect that his skills surpass even my procedure and he mentioned performing countless breast reconstructions, so I would suggest that if you have need for a genuine, polite, patient, considerate and skilled Plastic Surgeon to contact his department.