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Dermaplaning in Vancouver

Dermaplaning is an exceptional exfoliation treatment that delivers instant results, leaving you with glowing, dewy, and fresh-looking skin. Not only does it remove 2-3 weeks’ worth of dead skin cells, but it also eliminates vellus hair, commonly known as peach fuzz. The outcome of dermaplaning is skin that’s smoother, softer, and brighter than ever before.

This treatment isn’t just a luxury, it also enhances the effectiveness of your skincare products. By removing superficial skin cells, it allows for better absorption of products, creating a flawless canvas for makeup application. This makes it an ideal treatment to have before any significant event.

The best part about dermaplaning is that it’s gentle, painless, safe, and effective, and can be used on all skin types.

How does it work

Our trained aestheticians will gentle exfoliate your face with a sterile, surgical-grade scalpel using feather-like strokes. We know this sounds intense, but it’s actually painless, quick, and very effective at gently scraping away the top layer of the skin, removing trapped dirt, peach-fuzz hair and oil, leaving the skin glowing, dewy and incredibly soft.

Why we love Dermaplaning

  • softer, smoother skin
  • brighter-looking appearance
  • smoother foundation for makeup
  • a light exfoliation
  • peach-fuzz removal
  • no downtime
  • safe for all skin types


  • 1Who is a good candidate for Dermaplaning?

    You may consider dermaplaning if you have skin concerns such as:

    • Acne scars
    • Actinic keratosis (scaly skin patches that can lead to skin cancer)
    • Dull or dry skin
    • Peach fuzz (light, soft hair on your face)
    • Skin damaged by sun exposure
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • 2Will the fuzzy hair grow back thicker?

    Many people worry that the removal of the vellus hair (peach fuzz) will mean it grows back thicker and stronger, like a male beard. This is absolutely not the case. It is impossible for fine, downy vellus hair to change into terminal hair (coarse, stubbly beard hair). Your hair will simply grow back and return as the same peach fuzz.

  • 3How often should I book my dermaplaning treatments?

    The hairs on the face usually grow back within 4-6 weeks. It’s best to space Dermaplaning treatments farther apart to allow the hairs to be removed easier and have less irritation. The longer the hairs are on the face, the more easy it is for the blade to remove hairs and dead skin cells.

  • 4Who shouldn’t have dermaplaning?

    Some people with pre-existing skin concerns shouldn’t have dermaplaning. Before getting this procedure, have a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly aestheticians if you have:

    • An active case of acne.
    • Cold sore outbreaks.
    • Eczema.
    • Moles, freckles, skin tags or other skin growths.
    • Psoriasis.
    • Skin burns, such as those from radiation therapy.
    • Skin rashes (contact dermatitis).
  • 5What to expect after dermaplaning

    Although it can be unnerving to imagine a blade moving over your face, it doesn’t actually hurt. Consider shaving it like you would any other part of your body. Do you feel it? Yes. Is it painful? Not if you do it correctly. Again, this is why it’s crucial to leave dermaplaning to experts.

    You should anticipate a little facial redness right after dermaplaning, although this is not always the case, and if it is, it will go away swiftly. scheduling a lunchtime appointment and returning to the office immediately after the 30-minute procedure is perfectly possible and many of our patients opt for this. You’ll mainly only need to restrain yourself from touching your incredibly soft face.

    Immediate post-care instructions:

    • avoid sun exposure
    • limit makeup use
    • skip harsh products
    • apply gentle moisturizers
  • 6Can dermaplaning be combined with other treatments?

    Yes, we encourage this! As dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of products and treatments by removing the top layer of dead skin (which blocks penetration), treatments like Microneedling, Laser Genesis and Chemical Peels get optimal results in combination. Combined exfoliation treatments promote healthy skin cell turnover, prevent acne, reduce dark spots and blemishes, and boost collagen production for plumper skin.

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