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Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

Dermal filler treatments are one of the most popular procedures world-wide for a reason. Your face is one of the first things people notice, and dermal fillers can help you to achieve your aesthetic goals, whether it be fuller lips, a more chiselled jawline or define chin, or softened deep lines and wrinkles.

Naturally, as we become older, our skin ages and there is a noticeable reduction in volume. We lose fat, our skin gets thinner, and we no longer have the youthful, plump skin we once did. When skin firmness starts to deteriorate in our 20s, due to both internal influences (genetics and natural ageing) and exterior influences (sun exposure, smoking, stress, exercise, etc.) facial ageing starts to show.

Fillers, also known as “Hyaluronic Acid Fillers” (or HA fillers) are injections that address facial volume loss. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is made by our bodies. It provides elasticity and volume to our skin. In the past, silicone and collagen were used to treat facial volume loss, but these fillers frequently had very negative side effects. We now use HA fillers which are safe and effective. One of the signature treatments of Pacific Plastic Surgery is the use of HA fillers to create beautiful lips.

HA fillers add volume to the skin and this can be used to address a number of different concerns, such as:

  • restoring volume loss
  • plumping the lips
  • restore balance to asymmetries
  • smooth creases and fills in deep furrows
  • create chiselled jawlines
  • build a more defined chin
  • improve dark eye circles
  • rejuvenate knees and hands
  • plumping of earlobes
  • create a more refreshed appearance
  • necklace lines / techneck
  • and so much more!

Instant results make dermal filler treatments a sought-after procedure that can be completed comfortably with the utmost attention to detail in approximately 45 minutes without feeling rushed. Our Injectors will create beautiful, balanced results to enhance your appearance, while still maintaining a natural look. The amount of volume added is uniquely tailored to your desired results taking into consideration your facial shape and proportions.


  • 1What are fillers?

    Fillers are anti-ageing injections which contain a gel-like substance, most often hyaluronic acid (which is a naturally occurring substance within the body), which can give the skin a rejuvenated look. When injected into the skin, dermal fillers (as the name suggests) ‘fill out’ lines and wrinkles, add volume to areas which appear hollow and sunken and can be used to define and reshape facial features.

  • 2Where can fillers be used?

    Dermal fillers are used to treat static lines (wrinkles that remain visible even when it’s relaxed) and for facial contouring. Treatment areas include:

    • Tear troughs (lower eye dark circles)
    • Cheeks
    • Marionette lines (which extend from the corners of the mouth down to the chin)
    • Nasolabial folds (lines either side of the nose down towards the corners of the mouth)
    • Lips
    • Chin and jawline
    • The backs of the hands
    • Knees
    • Earlobes
    • The neck

    Dynamic lines (which disappear when the face is expressionless), however, are best treated with a toxin such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin.

  • 3How do dermal fillers work?

    When filler is injected into the skin, it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles and plumps out areas which have lost volume. Dermal fillers help to replenish areas suffering from loss of fat, collagen and elastin.

    Hyaluronic acid (the most common filler substance) is a fantastic injectable product as it attracts and holds onto lots of water (10x its own volume) – this water then helps create the plumping effect underneath the skin.

  • 4What are the benefits of fillers?

    Skin and facial rejuvenation are some of the biggest benefits of using dermal fillers – lines and wrinkles can be filled out and the face can be contoured (chin, cheeks, lips, and jawline) with a little help from dermal fillers. There’s also a treatment called the liquid facelift which uses fillers to give the face a firmer, youthful look as an alternative to a surgical facelift.

    It can also be used in other areas of the body such as arms, knees, hands, and earlobes.

  • 5What are fillers made of?

    The most common types of dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is often favoured over other filler substances because it can be dissolved (with an enzyme called hyaluronidase) if anything goes wrong with the treatment or if the client doesn’t like the results.

    Another plus of hyaluronic acid is that it’s a naturally occurring molecule found in the skin, which means it’s a safe material that’s well-received by the body.

  • 6What are possible side effects?

    You may experience redness, swelling and/or bruising at the injection site immediately following a dermal filler injection. Injection-related swelling typically resolves within several hours to a few days.

  • 7Who should not use injectables?
    • You should not use dermal fillers if you are allergic and/or have hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
    • You should not be treated when you have an active skin infection or inflammation in or near the treatment area, or if you have a known history or susceptibility to keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring.
    • Cosmetic injectable of any kind are generally not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    • You should not have injectables within 2 weeks of having dental work.
    • You should not have injectables within 4 weeks of having a vaccination.

Our Approach to Fillers

At Pacific Plastic Surgery we approach dermal fillers with the understanding that every patient has their own aesthetic journey. Your concerns, suggestions, and goals will be heard by us. Your lifestyle and preferences in beauty should be reflected in the unique treatment plan we develop with you.

While we will always be up to date on aesthetic lip filler trends, we treat patients with an underpinning of science, prudence, and trusted safe injection practices. All of our providers are constantly trained on up-to-date injection techniques and best practices.

We take great pride in being able to provide products approved by the Health Canada for dermal filler injections in Vancouver and the lower Mainland. Pacific Plastic Surgery is ideal for patients seeking customized, advanced and tasteful dermal fillers to look and feel their best!

All of our injectable treatments, including Dermal Fillers, are administered by trained, certified and registered medical professionals with years of experience in the medical aesthetics field.

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Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

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