ABC of Breast Augmentation:“B – Basics of Sizing”

January 25, 2021
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Many women ask us “what cup size will I be after the surgery”, or “I would like to be a c-cup”. The difficulty with thinking in cup-size is that it is a very subjective measure and varies widely between manufacturers. A 36C in one manufacturers bra can be a 34D in another.

This is why we prefer to talk about shape and proportion. Our goal is to have breasts that you are happy with and that fit with your individual body size and shape so that your breasts look proportional to the rest of your body. One of the best ways to understand what you will look like after your surgery is with the Vectra 3D imaging and by trying on sizers with a bra and clothing, both of which we will do during your consultation.

Trying on Sizers:

As discussed, cup-size isn’t a great way on understanding how your body will look after surgery. During your breast augmentation consultation we’ll provide some different sizers that you can try on with a bra and clothes. This helps you to appreciate how different sized breast implants will look in relation to the rest of your body.

When trying sizers there a few different things to consider, such as your body frame, height, weight, and the width of your shoulders and waist. Women who are taller and have a broader chest and shoulders will likely need a bigger implant to achieve a balanced look than a shorter woman with narrow hips and narrow shoulders. Implant sizes refer to the amount of fluid or gel inside the implant. They can be as small as 125cc (which are very useful if inserting in one breast to correct asymmetry) and go up from there.

Some important things to remember when considering the best implant size for you:

  • There will not be a size that is the perfect fit, rather there will likely be a range of implant sizes that will work and then it is based on your personal preference.
  • Bigger is not always better and choosing a size that compliments your body size is the best way to prevent you from looking “top heavy” after the procedure
  • Some larger implants may not fit your skin and Dr. Tregaskiss will advise you on whether a chosen implant is feasible for your individual circumstance.