PRP and Microneedling for Scar Therapy

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PRP and Microneedling for Scar Therapy in Vancouver

A minimally invasive procedure that harnesses your own body’s amazing abilities to rejuvenate and create beautiful results.

Scars are a normal part of the healing process. As your skin heals after damage, the body generates new tissue from collagen. However, scars can develop in different ways, for some they fade over time and for others they can appear lumpy, red, dark, or raised.

While some people wear their scars with pride as a testament to their lives, many people are keen to have the appearance of their scars minimized as much as possible. Scars tell a story, but it isn’t always a story they want to share.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is an innovative treatment that uses tiny needles to quickly puncture the skin, creating small 2.0mm channels that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. These small channels stimulate extra collagen and elastin production, which are both essential components to the body’s healing process. As a much-desired side effect, when the collagen production is boosted your skin becomes smoother, softer, brighter and your appearance of your scar will be softened. It is safe on all skin types and tones making it a wonderfully versatile treatment for everyone!

About Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP)

Plasma is a part of your blood that is rich in platelets and has special proteins that both help the blood to clot and, significantly are vital for cell growth and healing. Platelets release small molecules which regulate tissue healing and stimulates the production of collagen.

The Injection Device:

The V2 Beauty Booster Injection Device is a fast, reliable, and effective method of injecting your PRP back into your skin, specifically over the scar you are treating. With its 9-pin needle and vacuum suction, the PRP is delivered with an accurate depth and dosage across the entire face.

The V2 can be used with different needle heads– the nine-point for the face and five-point for areas such as the hands. This increases the speed of the procedure and reduces the sensation relative to single needles.

The V2 applies suction to the skin prior to every injection. This also helps to minimize discomfort and reduces blood flow in the area, improving comfort and the accuracy of the depth delivery, ensuring a more uniform treatment.

In simple terms, the V2 microneedling device creates a controlled micro-trauma to the scar, stimulating your body to regenerate with a smoother texture. By injecting PRP into the micro-channels created by the micro-needles, we will employ your body’s natural powers to renew and rejuvenate, augmenting your innate healing ability to create a much softer appearance of the scar.

Best results can be seen with 3 treatments, spaced 1-2 months apart.

** Top Tip: Book a series of 3 treatments and receive a 15% discount!

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  • 1What results can I expect to see?

    You can expect to see your scar visibly lighter and brighter with improved texture and plumping of the skin within 10-12 days. However, it can take up to 4 months after your 3rd treatment before you see the full benefits.

  • 2How long does the treatment take?

    You can expect to be here for 45-75 minutes.

  • 3Is it painful?

    We use topical numbing cream applied to your face before your treatment. You may feel some pressure, but it shouldn’t be painful.

  • 4What is the downtime?

    The great news is the downtime is very minimal. Most people return to their normal activity immediately. Some people do experience some redness lasting for a few hours and up to 1 day, but this is rare. In addition, there is a risk of some bruising, but this is very low risk.