VECTRA 3D-photography Simulation

When considering cosmetic breast surgery, one of the big questions for most patients is ‘How will I look after surgery?’

At Pacific Plastic Surgery, we can take a lot of the guesswork out of your breast enhancement decisions with the Vectra 3-D imaging system.

The Vectra 3D imaging system utilises 3-D image capture techniques, combined with powerful computer software to produce a very precise virtual image of you. After the initial image of you is created, Dr. Tregaskiss will adjust the image to reflect how you might look with selected sizes and shapes of breast implants. He will also use his experience to recommend implants and an approach that will optimize your proportions and outcome.

Vectra can be used to:

  • Create an accurate 3D image of your body that can be viewed from multiple angles
  • Recreate and demonstrate how your body will look with different types and sizes of breast implants
  • Simulate your body from multiple different angles and positions with breast implants
  • Demonstrate how your body will look with a breast-lift (if indicated) +/- breast implants
  • Create before-and-after photos to get a clear idea of the change that will likely take place
  • Print out simulated before-and-after photos for you to take home

So, if you’re wondering what you can look like with breast augmentation/lift surgery, Vectra can help give you a sneak preview.

Dr Tregaskiss is one of the only plastic surgeons in Vancouver offering Vectra 3-D imaging included at no extra charge as part of his consultation.