How to Prepare for a Breast Lift +/- Reduction

February 28, 2024
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Booking your breast lift can be an exciting time – it’s fun to imagine your final results, and you may even feel a little nervous. Although you may want it to happen as soon as possible, it’s important to take some time and prepare. Completing some pre-surgery steps can help set you up for a smoother recovery and ensure you get the results you want.  During your consultation with premier plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley Tregaskiss, you’ll learn more about your preparation steps.  In the meantime, here’s a quick guide to preparing for your breast lift.

Eat and Drink Well, Avoid Supplements 

We are often asked about the optimal diet in the perioperative period.  As a rule of thumb, if you eat a balanced and healthy diet and have a normal immune system, no changes or special supplements are required in the peri-operative phase.  If however, you are a vegan vegetarian or you have an impaired immune system or have had healing problems previously, please make this known to Dr Tregaskiss who can then make specific recommendations.  Be aware that many over-the-counter herbal supplements can ‘thin the blood’ leading to increased bruising, swelling and a longer postoperative course.  Typically, Dr Tregaskiss will insist on you stopping all non-essential supplements 1 month prior to your procedure date.   

Stop Smoking and Limit Alcohol Intake 

It almost goes without saying that cigarette smoking or any form of nicotine use (vaping/gum/patches etc) in the perioperative period is a big NO!  Nicotine has serious deleterious and long-lasting effects on wound healing that can jeopardize the results of your procedure and put you at risk of serious complications. If you currently smoke, stop. You should be free of smoking and nicotine use AT LEAST 1 MONTH ahead of your surgery. This also includes vapes, e-cigarettes, and THC products.   Excessive alcohol intake causes liver impairment with well-known adverse effects on wound healing and blood clotting.  Limit your alcohol intake to 2 glasses of wine (or equivalent) per week in the weeks before and after surgery.   

Defer Bra Shopping

It can be exciting to imagine your new results, and you may be tempted to purchase new bras, but it can be difficult to judge the size of your new breasts until all healing is complete and any swelling has completely subsided. It’s therefore best to wait 1-2 months after surgery before shopping for bras in your new size. Immediately after your procedure you’ll be given a special post-surgical bra, but once you no longer need to wear it, it’s best to have some supportive athletic bras on hand. Front-closure is best, along with a breathable, unpadded, elastic fabric with wide shoulder straps.

Breast Lift +/- Reduction at Pacific Plastic Surgery

There are many steps to prepare for your breast lift, but our exceptional team is here to help. To schedule a consultation, contact Pacific Plastic Surgery today by calling or filling out our online form. We serve the greater Vancouver, BC area.