Dr. Tregaskiss trials the use of 3D Printers in facial reconstruction

February 14, 2019

Research and innovation has been at the heart of Plastic Surgery since the very beginning (the first description of nasal reconstruction was in 1460!).

Dr. Tregaskiss is passionate about ensuring his practice is underpinned by the best research and evidence available and he is committed to helping develop tools and techniques to achieve the best results for patients.

In his MSP practice, Dr. T regularly performs facial reconstruction for patients who have experienced trauma or have had large tumours removed from the face. Current practice is to use metal plates and screws to reconstruct bony areas that have been removed, but it can be difficult to achieve a result that matches the individual’s normal facial shape.

Dr. T has recently been awarded a grant to test and study the use of a 3D printer and specialist computer software, which will allow him to create sterilisable 3D models of the damaged part of the face. These models can then be used during the surgical reconstruction to help achieve the best cosmetic appearance that matches the patient’s natural face.

If this trial is successful, the use of the 3D printer could be expanded to produce models from a patient’s own CT scan before injury, or by using scans of other people that match the patient in age, gender and ethnicity to help create beautiful and natural looking results for individuals requiring facial reconstruction.

We are excited to see the results of this interesting trial!